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Congratulations on your Finnmark/Influence Sauna purchase.   We will email you a paid in full receipt within 48 hours.


In the meantime please feel free to see what some of our customers are saying about their new sauna.

I am working out very hard right now and it seems to help my muscles recover quickly. I also feel confident of the physical benefits long term use will provide me. I trust Ari Whitten's opinion.

Jay S.

Orlando, FL | 07/09/2020

I’m very impressed with quality. I wasn’t sure what to expect by ordering online without having seen it in person. It didn’t disappoint. I’ve bragged on this to all my neighbors.

Karen K.

Simpsonville, SC | 07/06/2020

That it is low emf, and that it was super easy to put together. My children ages 14 and 11 we able to help me and we had it together in less than an hour.  We absolutely love it.

 Angie L.

Wild Rose, WI | 07/08/2020

The cedar smell and it really makes me sweat more than all the saunas that I have used at different spas.   Kali is great. I really appreciated her availability when I had questions and good customer service.

 Rosemary M.

San Mateo, CA | 07/11/2020

It is gorgeous! It doesn't look gaudy in my space and feels like a retreat. I love the cedarwood and comfort of the bench. And the Bluetooth is fabulous!  I am very happy with my purchase.

Kami S.

Yardley, PA | 07/17/2020

The max temperature was the biggest selling point for me.  The smell of cedar and the overall look of this sauna is amazing.  The back heaters really help reduce my back pain.

Cynde H.

Lake View Terrace, CA | 07/16/2020

So far so good. We had about 4 weeks of use and really enjoying the Hybrid Sauna. Install was very uncomplicated. ...and no glitches. Quality, Low EMF, etc., good size and high heat using 110 power, quality heater.

Wayne H.

Kelowna, BC | 07/11/2020

Solid construction. Able to plug into standard outlet. Max temperature for health benefits.  Plugs right into standard outlet and was up an running within a hour of assembly.

Charlene U.

Torrance, CA | 07/07/2020

It's very well made, compact and safe. I wanted Far Infrared that would help my immune system without the worry of high EMFs. I am very happy with the Bluetooth speakers which I hadn't really thought about - but I use them every time! Also, the video and instructions were easy to understand. I was able to put the whole thing together myself with a friend. All the tips for "first-timers" have really benefited me, and because of that, I have been happily introduced to life with a sauna! Thank you!

Patricia E.

Round Rock, TX | 07/07/2020

I believe some consumers might hesitate to purchase because of fear of maintenance should something go wrong. But you all showed a great technical support when I had a problem.  That is wonderful to have.

Ruth G.

Palm Coast, FL | 07/07/2020

The sauna works perfectly, gets good health results.  I love the back Spectrum heaters the most.  Major benefits for my back and overall sweat volume.  Looks great in my backyard.  Many compliments.

Haywood M.

 Santa Fe, NM | 07/06/2020

That is was easy to set up and we will be able to move it when we do. Also, no glues or extra EMF's with screens etc.  Looks amazing and works even better.  Very satisfied with my purchase and spending a little more money on a quality sauna.

Shauna E.

Ormond Beach, FL | 07/14/2020